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Garmin Nuvi 50lm map update

In this blog we will let you know how to update free garmin nuvi 50lm updates with some simple steps. Garmin is a multinational company of American origin that specializes in GPS(Global Positioning System) devices used for professional, commercial and personal interests. Both handheld as well in-vehicular units are available. The first nüvi product was released in 2005, with the product line advertising GPS navigation with remarkable accuracy, MP3 players, language translators, world clocks, photo organizers, and converters, for currency as well as time.Garmin nüvi is a special model that is used in automobiles for vehicular navigation. With the help of GPS satellite signals, it allows one to determine the location of his/her car, and route it to the desired destination.

The “lm” part in the name, standing for “Lifetime Maps”, signifies that free updates are available for a lifetime with this product. The garmin nüvi 50lm version is said to provide navigational assistance at its best, as it has a large number of prominent landmarks and sites fed into it, in addition to the “Direct Access” option to discover nearby airports, railway stations, and so on.

The other entrancing features offered in this device include a 5.0-inch dual orientation display, several maps in countries like the UK and Canada preloaded into it, driver alerts to warn of upcoming sharp turns, restricted zones, railway crossings, speed limits and sudden changes in the same, and also has this “Up Ahead” feature incorporated into it which allows you to visually see obstacles and milestones ahead of you,without having to exit from the general map view. Its battery life is around one hour, and is compatible with Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.4, and their newer versions as well. As maps keep on getting updated a lot, it is imperative to keep your device updated to the latest available software, to avoid relying on outdated information. However, installing updates on this device, with its quaint idea of a lifetime of free service, is quite simple.

Steps of Garmin Nuvi 50lm Update

The consumers of this model are entitled to a lifetime free map downloads. In order to make the most out of this offerandof all the features that this device offers to enhance vehicular navigation, and to not continue using outdated maps, ensure that your device software is updated to the latest available version.

The Garmin nüvi 50lm update can be easily carried out following the steps given below:

  • Create an account on myGarmin first, if you do not already have one. This is needed to register your device. Login into your myGarmin account from your computer.
  • Connect the device to your computer using the given USB cable. Make sure that it is unplugged from your car while updating.
  • After opening the Garmin Find Map Updates page, unless your device already has the latest version, a download button will appear. Click on this.
  • Run the downloaded executable file and install the Garmin Maps Updater onto your computer, and run it.
  • Click on “Search for device” option and allow it to detect your device.Click on “Continue”, and then when prompted with a pop-up whether you are ready to update, click on “Continue” to proceed.
  • These updates often require a lot of space which might involve clearing some storage. As they tend to take time as well, leave the device plugged in and allow it to finish installing updates successfully.

How to Update Garmin nüvi 50lm with Express Software

Garmin Express is a free desktop software that keeps you notified of and assists you in installing all the updates made to Garmin software, helps you register your device, create backups, and so on. It also provides a variety of other features, some examples of which are syncing your Garmin Connect account with wellness and fitness details, managing content, both free as well as paid, updating marine charts and aids in redeeming vouchers. It basically allows you to link your device to your computer and allows you to manage your device from the system. Garmin nüvi 50lm updates can be carried out as follows:

  • Open the link in a web browser. This is the site available for free download of Express software. You will be able to see an option to download an executable file. Run the downloaded file to complete the installation of Garmin Express to your desktop.
  • Connect your Garmin device to your computer, and make sure it is unplugged from your vehicle.
  • Open Garmin Express. Click on the “Add a Device” option, and wait for it to automatically detect your device.
  • Once a pop-up notifies you of your device registered, click on “Add Device” to confirm registration.
  • Follow the instructions given on the screen to complete registration of your device.
  • Once this setup is completed, Garmin Express will automatically start searching for the varied Garmin 50lm updates that are available for your device model. It also gives you options as to whether you want to install all the updates or select ones based on your convenience. Select options as per your interests.
  • Garmin Express will download and install the nüvi 50lm updates automatically after this. Allow it to complete installation. It will ensure that the device is fully functional with all the features now incorporated into it.


Garmin GPS are one of the top GPS devices that help in navigation. Nowadays which has been in lot of working in daily routine is GPS; almost everyone is having GPS devices installed in their vehicles. It helps in providing latest routes and diversions. The Garmin Nuvi 50lm GPS Update has free lifetime facility included in it. 

 But the question arises does the Garmin Nuvi 50lm GPS Update work? . It is a definite question that comes in mind as there are free updates available, but how can a user be aware of the latest features or updates of the device.

The solution for the same is being provided the company, the moment there are any new features available in the device it informs or notifies the user of the latest updates. 

  • Check out the new maps and updates available in the device. And this step should be take a day before the drive, because only then the user will be having the latest information.
  • Set the destination or location in the device before leaving for the destination , so that the device can work in its optimum state and provide the user the convenient route to reach his/her destination


As the Garmin Nuvi 50lm GPS comes with USP of free life time map updates, it is easy to update the map device once purchased. There are multiple advantages of  Garmin Nuvi 50 lm GPS Update. 

  • Latest Maps: One of the biggest advantages of updating a Garmin Nuvi 50lm GPS Update is that , the moment the device gets updated the latest information regarding the routes and roads gets installed in it. It upgrade the issues present in the previous map and updates it with the latest one.
  • Efficient performance: The Company makes innovations on regular basis so that the devices can work efficiently collaborating with the current working scenario. Therefore by updating the device, the user can avail the new facilities being launched the company .
  • Optimum usage: The regular updates make the GPS to provide the latest maps and routes of the location the user is in or desires to go. Through this map update the user is allowed to gets all those new information about the changes being made in the transportation and location in maps


A lot of reviews have agreed on Garmin providing reliable and quality GPS tracking devices and competent software over the long years of service this corporate business has offered. The Garmin nüvi 57lm is the model with the greatest rating on Amazon. Although some older versions have been discontinued by Garmin, most of them are available online and are still supported by Garmin.Some versions like 1300LM, 2300LM, garmin nuvi 50LM, etc., are worth using as they offer quality features which just need updates to make them last efficiently. However, as these devices are often connected to a vehicle, make sure that theyare well taken care of, as excessive exposure to sunlight can cause overheating of your device.

Get in touch with Experts for Instant support

It is extremely essential for a user to perform the process of Garmin Nuvi 50lm Update on a regular basis. If you are unable to do so or you come across any issue while doing so, then no need to worry at all. Dial experts at Mygeolocate +1(855) 386-1126 to get in touch with experts who are accessible round the clock to assist you with the most suitable solutions.

Frequently Asked Question

Search for in your browser. Download one of the 2 files- mac or windows. Download and open the file, follow the on screen instructions and connect the USB cable. The software will automatically detect the device and search for the maps updates. You can install a single or all the updates as you wish.

You can download free map updates for the lifetime.

Garmin nuvi 50LM was released in 2012.

Once you select the suitable update of your device from garmin website, select the option that lets you update GPS system using satellite.

  • Check if you have latest version Garmin application
  • Free up some space in your system
  • Ensure that internet connection is working
  • Run the Garmin application as administrator
  • Reinstall the application

Yes the official website of Garmin shows that Nuvi 50LM comes with a free lifetime map updates.

Device not detected, server error message, files cannot be downloaded after application installation

There is a button on the bottom right of the screen. You need to press it and it will ask you to delete all settings. Agree to that and the problem will be fixed. Usb port problem will be over and maps will be downloaded.

Open the Garmin application on your device. Delete all the waste folders like MP3, JPEG and voice, etc.

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