What to do when Magellan roadmate stuck on startup?

Magellan roadmate stuck -mygeolocate

Magellan Roadmate stuck on startup: Magellan is well known for providing innovative, reliable, and economic GPS technology-based devices for navigation purposes. They are best known for their unique services and products. Apart from the facilities and assistance they provide, still few problems occur while starting your device. There could be various reasons for the same but the user faces difficulties while startup.

 Magellan roadmate stuck -mygeolocate

Problems might differ in nature but eventually, the device gets stuck on startup.

So we are going to discuss this issue, the reasons behind the occurrence of the issue, and how to resolve it!

Reason for Magellan RoadMate Stuck on Startup

Is your Magellan RoadMate Stuck on Startup? As we know there could be several different reasons behind the same problem:

  1. It could be due to an uncharged or almost dead battery.
  2. There could be some software update issues. You might have not updated the software.
  3. Check if there is any damaged hardware problem. In case if your hardware is damaged or not working properly.
  4. Faulty power chord could also be one strong reason.
  5. You might not have performed the reset process correctly.

Solve Magellan RoadMate Stuck on Startup Issue

We have mentioned mandatory steps to follow to resolve the problem.

  1. Reset or reboot your device: Reset your device by pressing the power button of your Magellan GPS device and hold it down till it doesn’t turn on. Once the device is set to run again, follow step 6 directly. If not, then follow the next step to eliminate the problem.
  2. Turn on your device using the computer: Remove the Magellan device from charging in case if you have put it on charging. Connect it to your computer system using a USB port and now press the power button to start your computer.
  3. Get help from the service center: Press the power button of your Magellan device to turn on and hold it until your GPS device gets started. If still, it doesn’t start, then there is some problem with your MAGALLEN GPS UPDATES. You are requested to take your Magellan GPS device to the nearest service centered to get it repaired. Make sure it comes under the warranty period. If the Magellan GPS device warranty period is ended, then it is going to cost you a lot. You will have to pay the repair cost. If you still want reliable and economical repair solutions, then get in touch with us over our helpline number. We can provide quick solutions if there is any software issue your device is facing.
  4. Charge your device: Dead battery also leads to this error. Check if the battery is charged and running properly. An uncharged battery could be one reason for the same. Make sure your battery is fully charged and then try to turn the device on.
  5. Check the battery: After performing step 4, If your device is still the same and not working, there could be a problem with the battery. If the battery is dead, you need to replace the older one with the newer one and try to start the device.
  6. Hardware issues: If you are using the old version of your Magellan GPS device then there are chances that the Magellan GPS device is damaged and nothing can be done to fix it or repair it. You can try replacing its damaged part or we advise you to buy a new one for better performance. Because repairing the device is not going to help you with smooth performance and more reliability. Purchasing a new device assure you of surety and long-lasting performance.

Magellan GPS Helpline

We understand the time priority of our clients and how much frustration it brings out if the device is not working properly. So taking the time priority of our customers into consideration, we are here to help you with any issue. You just need to visit our website Mygeolocate.com. Our professional experts will guide you thoroughly with the solutions to your problems.

Our experts will assist you with every major and minor detail and steps needed to reactivate or start your device. You can contact us to get quick solutions via chat, emails. You are always welcomed to get in touch with us for taking our assistance in order to resolve your issues. We would be happy to serve you with our best expert advice.

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Battery issue so charge the battery, software issue so update the software and lastly replace the power cable.
Press and hold the power button until the GPS turns on. Follow the rest on-screen instructions and wait until a signal is received and becomes stable.
  • 2 methods- pinhole method and switch method.
  • In the pinhole method you have to insert a pin and keep pressing it until the device is powered off.
  • In the switch method keep holding the power switch on the left side for 10 seconds until it is powered off.
Open the back cover by removing the screws. After that remove the black tape. Now again open the screws from the connector and the motherboard and remove the connector Now take out the battery and take the new battery. Take the new battery and fix the connector back. Now fix all the screws back and close the box. Put back the screws on the outside also and switch on your device.

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