Magellan roadmate 5045-lm update

Magellan roadmate 5045-lm update

Magellan Roadmate GPS devices led by one the leading companies Magellan, by providing one the best, user friendly and convenient products and services associated with navigation and navigation systems. From producing game changing innovations and maintaining the reputation along with appreciation they receive, their company is known to do an incredible job of delivering satisfaction and easy remote travelling to its consumers with best features and benefits exclusively available to them. 

Let us look at some of the built in features for the Magellan roadmate 5045-lm update-

  1. Built in speech and voice prompts with clear definition and accurate direction.
  2. 3D Map view with high resolution captured moments and stills
  3. Space to store in more than 100 addresses with a fine direction routes to help one with short ways or cuts, highway exits and traffic updates. 
  4. Website provided by the company which also a one stop solution for all issues, queries, map updates, new features, newly launched products, software updates, drivers to update the software, personal individual account for direct assistance and everything related to navigational tasks associated with your device. 

However, to access all these features, one also needs to get the Magellan roadmate 5045-lm update. One can follow the mentioned steps to update their Magellan roadmate 5045-lm update

  1. Update through network

-One can easily update their device through their wifi network. 

-However for that firstly they need to connect their Magellan GPS device with the wifi and login to their account with the appropriate credentials. 

-If one does not have their account made until now, they have to visit the website and create an account. 

-Then, go to your device and then the settings

-Go to the notification centre and check thoroughly about an update for software or if there is a pop up message in relation to that.

-Two options for software update and map update will appear, click on the needed one.

-The update will then get initiated and downloaded after the process is complete. 


  1. Update through the website-

-Go to the website SmartGPS eco where one can easily register, login and have access to the latest information regarding software and map updates. 

-One can also easily access the software update directly through the site. For that, login with your Magellan account credentials or register for a new one if you have not yet. 

-After the login is successful, connect your Magellan GPS device with your computer through a USB cable or the cable provided with the device. Make sure the two are connected properly.

-Go to the website of SmartGPS eco again and find the option of updates.

-Click on updates and select your device from the options. 

-If a newer version for the map or the software is available, then site will directly start with the downloading and the installation of the new update.

-After it is done, make sure to refresh and restart your device to see if the update has been successfully installed. 


  1. Check through small details-

If in case the update is available but through both the ways the installation is not carrying through and update is not successful then go through the details again such as;

-Check if your device and computer has enough internal storage for a new update, if not then clear some unnecessary data and try again.

-Check that the internet connection is stable and network is not slow or faulty as well remember to take care that both the devices are connected to the same device. 

These ways will make sure that one is able to successfully complete their Magellan roadmate 5045-lm update.

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