Magellan roadmate 2136t lm update

Magellan roadmate 2136t lm update

GPS, also commonly referred to as a Global positioning system is one of the most needed systems that provides one with all the possible information they could need for travelling, tracking, locations, places, times and so much more. The features are getting upgraded every other day and models and products are readily available in markets that are getting more convenient, user friendly, and affordable by the passing time. 

Similarly, one such other company has its own famous product in the area which is not just widely known but also appreciated for its services and impeccable features. Magellan roadmate produced by the company Magellan navigation which was originally established and has its headquarters in California.

They are mainly known for producing and distributing navigation products along with vehicle navigation systems, mapping and customised directing.

The Magellan roadmate series have been launched in various series with its every new up-gradation taking the world by the storm one at a time. The voice feature is just as promising which makes the experience for the consumer worthwhile.

Often, the Magellan GPS devices have Bluetooth which can easily be connected with the phones, tablets or ipads to make the journey easy and convenient. 

The devices are usually updated with new features to keep the customer satisfied and happy. With new series being updated often, let us talk in particular about the Magellan roadmate 2136t lm update and its features- 

  1. With the previous built-in features that consists of direction and voice guidance for every single route and turn.
  2. HD screen with clear voice and impeccable display screen.
  3. Built-in video to shoot still and photos.
  4. Ability to keep track of multiple profiles.
  5. Easy and maximum storage of details, addresses, routes and distances to make one’s journey smooth and hassle-free.

Now, let us view the reasons to get the Magellan roadmate 2136

  1. Lifetime traffic and map updates provided easily.
  2. Along with that, better than the previous one, it also has a 4.3 touchscreen. 
  3. Provision of a new GPS holder along with other imperative accessories like USB, Charger, etc.
  4. Easy connection with computers and website to carry on processes and updates without any stress. 
  5. Removal of any bugs, issues or underlying errors.

Magellan roadmate 2136 lm update

Ways to get the Magellan roadmate 2136t lm update


  • Connect with computer

-To get the Magellan roadmate 2136 lm update, make sure that the GPS either through the network or an USB cable is connected to the computer.

-Visit the website and login with your credentials to see if the registered device needs any set ups or complete a process. 

  • Reviewing the device-

-Check the device thoroughly and review the notifications to see if there is any pop-up on the home centre regarding the update requirement.

-If an update would be available, then the device will automatically highlight it.

-As soon as you will click on the map update option, the downloading and installation of the new update will begin.

  • Installation through computer-

-The step to extract the downloaded file from the folder will have to be carried through.

-Open the new software provided through the device and save all of the data extracted from it.

-Export the new file as the device remains connected to the computer.

-Refresh the device and the new update should be available. 

And so, one can easily get a newer version of the update available through either their website simply by logging in or directly through their own device to get a fresh updated version of their favourite GPS device. 

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