Magellan is a GPS device that provides helpful, valuable guidance to it users for reaching the destination on time. A Powerful portable device which can be used for tracking the whereabouts of a person. The device is designed for marine, outdoor usage. It is ideal for mapping fishing spots, hiking, charting courses, marking trails over the land and water. It comes with navigation screen and real-time tracking plotter. It displays where the person is travelling, path travelled and distance remaining for your destination to reach.

Sometimes in the device Magellan GPS update problem occurs when not handled in a proper manner during the update. It has high quality of commercial grade material and each device is manufactured after years of research and development. Excellent, efficient navigation functionality is provided in every region particularly in places of high rise buildings and various other obstructions.  It is an electronic device made up of small components.



Below is the list of major problems that can occur in Magellan GPS update problem

  • Not getting the progress bar after updating it.
  • Getting error messages when device is not connected with computer in a proper manner.
  • When device not recognized message is being displayed
  • When unable to restore power.
  • Unable to update free Magellan GPS maps
  • Magellan GPS locked up after updating of maps.


The Magellan GPS update problem is caused by above listed errors which occurs in the device. These error restricts the GPS updates and

By resetting the Magellan GPS device can solve many  software and hardware glitches, Magellan GPS update problem. Updating of GPS device enables the faster, better performing device. Magellan GPS device update consists of firmware, maps, navigational guide and many other functionalities. Lifetime map updates are available. Lifetime map updates are available are pocket-friendly for the users.  New features are added to each device for better and improved GPS navigation functionality.  It has 2.2 inches of GPS navigator which is compact in design and light weight in nature.



Magellan GPS update is done in below given steps which are listed below-

  • First connect the device to computer with USB cable.
  • Check of the available updates can be done.
  • Select the updates to be done in the device
  • Transfer the update to the GPS device after the process of download.
  • After the transfer, install the device in the vehicle.


These provided steps are reliable for GPS update which makes the device more efficient and productive to use.



Below solutions are provided for Magellan GPS update problem.

  1. First use google chrome and register the product.
  2. Plug-in the device through computer using the USB cable
  3. Login into the website of Smart gps eco.
  4. Click on the update option.
  5. A notification for downloading will appear and click on the download option and note the location folder of the download.
  6. Log off from the website and close all the browser windows.
  7. Double click on the downloaded plugin file for installing.
  8. Follow the steps suggested by installation program.
  9. Open the browser and re-login into the website.


Following these steps for updating the Magellan GPS is useful, reliable and makes the GPS work in an efficient manner for locating the places on the maps.

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