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Magellan GPS Mapping Software

One of the most rugged devices to provide the users with the most intuitive navigation experience, Magellan GPS Mapping software is a mapping device to get the routes to the users easily. So it is very important to have Magellan GPS map update frequently to avoid older maps and technical issues. Also, it helps to save those last-minute hustles and bustles, especially when you are traveling to a new region. 

You will be able to easily plan your tracks and save every single precious minute. Magellan RoadMate will update your RoadMate device. In case of any issues you can get in touch with Magellan GPS Support expert through chat or tollfree number given on this page. Magellan GPS map update is a 3 step easy update process. Roadmate device 7771, 6620, 6722, 7732, 7722, 6630, and 6615 can be updated through the process given below. For rest of the devices can be updated from

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+1(855) 386-1126

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Magellan GPS Map Update 

If you are looking for a free Magellan GPS update in your Magellan device, follow the three simple steps mentioned below to get the task done. There are three vital necessities that you require for maps update, which are, high-speed internet connection to your computer, USB cable, and the Magellan GPS device.

Simple steps for Free Magellan GPS Update-

  • The first thing to make sure is that your Magellan GPS device has been removed from the automobile in which it was previously connected. Now, with the help of the USB cable, connect your device with the computer having a good internet connection. This way the computer will perform the check of the available updates.
  • While performing the check of the available updates, the list of all the available updates will be displayed on your computer screen. Choose the updates that you want to install on your device. Make sure to download only those updates that are available for your device model number.
  • Once you begin with the downloading process, wait for it to complete, and don’t touch your Magellan GPS device. Once it is complete, transfer these updates on your GPS device. Once the process of transfer is completed, you can again connect your Magellan GPS device to your automobile test it!

Paid Magellan GPS Update 

There are also the steps by which you can install the paid Magellan GPS update on your device-

  • The first step is to fully charge your maps device and make sure to have an internet-connected computer. Also, download “Content Manager” from the official website of Magellan.
  • Then, go to the “Main page” at the official website of navigation gadget and select “Maps” and select the model of your device.
  • Then choose that Magellan GPS Map updates that you want, and go to the payment section.
  • Again go to the “Content Manager” and connect your device to the computer. Right-click on the option of “Content Manager” and then choose “Syn Purchase features/Content” and then wait for the update to complete.
  • This is how you get the paid update.

Magellan GPS Map Update Problems

There are several issues as well that the user can face while downloading the Magellan GPS Update. These can be collectively referred to as the Magellan GPS Update Problems. These are as under-

  1. Error Messages – If your screen is, again and again, receiving the error messages, then there is surely a problem with your device’s connection with the computer. Unplug it and again replug it. Also, check the internet connection of your device.
  2. Filed Device Recognition – You can also get a message stating “Device not recognized”. Don’t need to get panic with the message. It can simply mean that the drivers on your computer are outdated. The only way is to update those drivers again and begin with the process again. This can be tedious and time taking. If you still face a problem, then without indulging yourself much into it, kindly contact the experts at the toll-free number.
Magellan GPS Map Update


This article helped you provide information regarding the Magellan GPS map update options, which is really important for the smoother and enhanced performance of your device. Please visit “” and get suitable guidance from our brilliant technicians. 

Simply contact us and have direct converse with the industry’s leading experts. Thus, instead of delaying further, dial toll-free  for instant and world-class solutions. You can also get help for Magellan Roadmate updates for free.

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