How to update Magellan roadmate 700?

How to update Magellan roadmate 700?

How to update Magellan roadmate 700? is the easiest and interesting update one can ever get. Magellan devices are one of the finest navigation devices available in the marketplace. They make your life easier by providing easy routes to your destination which are more specific than other ones.  Also, it is one of the top-rated companies in the world based on positive customer reviews and advanced technological features.

How to update Magellan roadmate 700?

Magellan roadmate 700 update that proves to be very useful because every time company brings an update there are changes in routes, destinations, some more areas are discovered and added. Also, it comes with a voice feature where a voice assistant will guide you on the way.
Also, the Magellan devices provide a smooth user experience that is easy to use you can calculate the time required for reaching the destination and plan your trip accordingly.  To know more about How to update Magellan roadmate 700? Read below:-

Specifications about How to update Magellan roadmate 700?

Screen size: 7 inch
Weight: 300gm
Battery: 1500mah (1-hour backup)
Memory: SD card facility
GPS accuracy: 5 meters approx.
Wi-Fi: available

Regarding How to update Magellan roadmate 700?

You can update Magellan roadmate 700 manually also by following the below steps. But before starting the update make sure that the device has a full 100% battery along with a good network. This is because the process of updating is quite time-consuming. Also after downloading the update on the system you have to install it on your device:

  •  First of all, make sure that you have Magellan content manager on your device and a good network.
  •  Next, you have to register yourself on the platform and be ready with your login credentials.
  •  Now join the device with your PC or laptop using a USB cable and let the application detect it automatically.
  •  After the name of your device appears and it has been detected now click on the check for updates option.
  •  The processing will start and the application will show you updates if available for your device.
  •  Tick all the boxes and click on the update option.

One important piece of information is that the software of Magellan roadmate 700 update is downloaded first hand and after that, the map updates are downloaded. The installation process will be done automatically.

  • Now detach the device and again attach it to the computer. This will start downloading the map updates on the device. It will be downloaded on your computer and you have to install it on your device.
  • So download it on the PC or laptop, unzip it and then install it on your device.
  • Now again the application will ask you to disconnect the device and reconnect it. This time restart your device to download the updates.

Benefits of updating the device for Magellan roadmate 700 update

  •  Reliable platform: the old routes have been updated and the new ones have been added. Some streets are closed over time so getting to know them earlier saves your money and time.
  • Hassle-free: Magellan devices provide an easy and smooth navigation system with updated streets make sure that you do not have to ask for a route to anyone on the street and reach your destination on time. This proves to be very useful when you are traveling to an unknown place.
  • Voice control: the device comes with a voice control feature which proves to be very useful because you can focus on the road more rather than looking here and there and getting distracted.
  • Lifetime map updates: the company provides free lifetime map updates and the limit for updates is 4 times a year.

Now you know much about how to update Magellan roadmate 700? You can also contact the company and have a look at their website. The correct contact information has been provided on the website. They are always ready to assist you and provide you a personalized solution.

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