Garmin Voice Command Not Working

Hello there, your GARMIN VOICE COMMAND NOT WORKING properly then this article is for you.

It is a basic GPS device that is simple to use. It can be compared with popular apps like Google Map. The Garmin device has a 5.0 inches screen which is a color resistive touch screen. USB charging port, speaker, and memory card slot. It has a black plastic body and the view can be displayed horizontally and vertically in positions. The battery life of the device can last up to 2 hours a period of time. Voice command functionality is available in the device which provides directions of the route

The device is pre-loaded with maps of about 49 states. Addresses can be searched in an easy manner and several points of interest also. Free lifetime map updates are also provided by the device. Easy to follow guide is provided and a voice command is available which speaks turn-by-turn directions and street names. But sometimes, the voice command does not work and the user faces the problem of the Garmin voice command not working. The device has a search option which makes it easy and quick to search for the various important addresses and several points of interest. Speed limit, current speed, and estimated arrival time are also displayed on the screen while traveling.  A GPS device that relies on cellular signals.


  • The device is easy to use and a good GPS navigator device.
  • Includes preloaded maps of India.
  • Free lifetime updated maps are available for users.
  • Cellular signals are available.
  • Advanced highway mode and other modes are available on the device.

The device is useful and valuable for users to use for searching their destination with lane assistance functionality. A color touch screen with a resolution of about 480 by 272 pixels. It includes a clear interface and advanced features. The device works in a smooth manner and comes at an affordable price. In the device when navigating through the interface, the GPS navigation device offers useful, helpful tips to press and hold the back button for returning to the main screen. Entering the destination is an easier and straightforward method by entering the city and the address will appear on the screen of the device.


Below solutions are provided for the problem of the Garmin voice command not working. The device displays the notification of voice command multifunctionality and accessibility.

  1. The first is to restore the speech recognition file by installing the Garmin express through Garmin official website.
  2. The device will be connected to the computer through a USB cable.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions for getting the task done in a correct manner.
  4. Language is selected.
  5. Automatic download will complete with the installation process.
  6. Uncheck the voice command icon and wait for two minutes.
  7. Then tick it once again and it will start to work again.
  8. The microphone problem can be there.

The simplest solution for solving the Garmin voice command not working is to move to the Garmin app and check the voice command option.
Above mentioned solutions are easy, reliable for solving the Garmin voice command not working problem. If these solutions do not work, one can call the expert.

Generally, the voice command function does not work when the entire map of the location is not downloaded to the device. The problem of the Garmin voice command not working can be solved in a few minutes by getting the map downloaded and updated on the device. After solving the problem, the device will work in a proper, efficient manner. Voice command is being used for providing directions. Voice command is compatible with languages like English and French.

So this was all about the GARMIN VOICE COMMAND NOT WORKING and about its solution. if you have any further query then you can contact us at our toll-free no.

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Frequently Asked Question

If your Garmin device is not picking up voice instructions, the first step is to check if the microphone is working or not.

The primary way to fix your voice command is to restore the speech recognition file.

If your speech recognising files are removed from the Garmin express then you might face such troubles.

To begin using a device via voice, user will have to say the phrase – “voice command”

 Garmin navigation device will only recognize the words and phrases displayed on the voice command menu.

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