Free Garmin Nuvi map update in 2022

Garmin Nuvi Map Update

Garmin Nuvi map update: Garmin’s line of Nuvvy GPS devices allow business users to plot their routes and get directions for all motor vehicle trips. However, a GPS unit is only as good as the maps installed on it, and there are times when the map needs to be updated to accommodate new infrastructure, relocated businesses, and other changes. Updating the map on Nuvi is a somewhat complex process and may need a significant investment depending on how much data is being updated. For Garmin nuvi map update follow the steps given below:

Steps for Garmin Nuvi map update

  1. Initially, download the Garmin Communicator Plugin. This plugin converses with the Map Updater in later steps. Follow all on-screen instructions to guarantee a successful installation.
  2. Fully charge your Nuvi, then connect the device to your computer via a USB cable supplied by the manufacturer.
  3. Visit the Garmin Map Update page.
  4. Choose “Automotive” from the list of paths for your device.
  5. Tap “Download Map Updater” when prompted. Save the file in an easy-to-find location, for example, the desktop.
  6. Open the Garmin Map Update once the download has completed. If prompted to update your Microsoft .NET Framework, follow entire on-screen commands to update the framework before continuing.
  7. Confirm that your Nuvi is connected and click “Continue” when prompted, or click “Search for Device” if your device has not yet been recognized by the Map Updater.
  8. Read the license agreement and choose the “Accept” option, then click “Continue.”
  9. Update your Nuvi’s software if you are prompted that it is outdated and follow the entire on-screen commands.
  10. Tap “Continue” when the screen signifies that “A map update is available for purchase!” You will be redirected to the updated map’s purchase page on the Garmin website.
  11. Choose the map update product you want to buy from the site and click “Add to Cart.” Follow all on-screen commands to finish the purchase.
  12. Tap “Add to my device” from the receipt page. If you didn’t install the Garmin Communicator plugin in the initial step, you will be prompted to install it now to proceed.
  13. To download Garmin Nuvi Map choose your Nuvi from the device list and click “Download.”
  14. Tap “Continue” and wait for the screen to prompt you with “Ready to update your maps.” If insufficient space exists to update the map, you will be presented with the alternative to remove pictures or music from your device or to insert a microSD or SD memory card into the Nuvi and load the map set onto it.
  15. Tap “Continue” when “Ready to update your maps” is shown and click “OK” to start the installation.
  16. Installation may take numerous hours, depending on the amount of data being updated. When completed, the application will show “Your maps are now up to date!”
  17. Tap “Exit” to close the application. Finally, your Garmin Nuvi Map is now updated.

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Dial Garmin Nuvi Map Update Customer support for instant solution:

We wish that after following the above mention steps you would have done Garmin Nuvi map update of your own without any support. If not so or you come across any issue while doing so. Get in touch with experts at MyGeolocate  who will assist you with the most suitable solutions whenever need. They will assist you to step by step solutions so that you may not face any issue in the future also.

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