Garmin GPS won’t charge [FIXED]

Garmin Gps won't charge

Garmin GPS won’t Charge [FIXED]


If you are someone who travels on a daily basis, commutes from one place to another often, drive a car, have sat in cab or even just travelled then you probably already know the significance and use of a GPS. Global positioning system or Navigation systems, something that one cannot go by a day without. Our lives have been dependent on technology for various uses, however for this use in particular it is something that is definitely for a good purpose and convenience.

There are many such companies that manufactures, sells and promotes navigation system devices or GPS devices but there is one that we would like to highlight in particular today, that is the Garmin GPS. One of the well-known and reputed multinational technology company found in 1989 which is one of the influence on why the population is so inclined and reliant towards GPS devices for almost every purpose.

Garmin GPS devices has many features such as:

  1. Along with having being user-friendly features, it is easy and comfortable to use.
  2. Easily accessible with variations in devices suited for every customer’s preference.
  3. Innovative features and techniques along with new updates almost every once in a while to make sure its customers are able to keep up and are at par with latest technology and updates.
  4. Great clarity, smooth and comprehensive direction and dependable in built qualities.

Despite such assuring and smart features, errors have a way of creeping in almost everywhere. However, an error is such a problem that always come with its own solution. A common complaint often raised in regards to this is that the Garmin GPS won’t charge. An issue which is troublesome and nerve wracking if not solved on time with proper care. To commute and to travel will become a burden all over which is why it is imperative to get to the root of the problem.

Here are some of the ways how one can deal if their Garmin GPS won’t charge:

  1. Essentials-

Make sure that the charger is connected properly with the Garmin GPS device which is not loose or faulty from somewhere.

  1. Basics-

-Restart your device once.

-Switch off your device and restart it to then go ahead with inserting the charger again to see if it gets solved or your Garmin GPS won’t charge even now.

-Sometimes if the batteries are left on or not used since awhile they might also get depleted or get obsolete in which case one has to get in contact with the professionals.

  1. Update-

-One of the other reasons why the Garmin GPS won’t charge even now could be that there is a pending update in the system that needs to be dealt with and installed.

-Connect your computer to the device and check the device for new updates or any pending updates.

-If there are any new updates that are yet to be installed then download and install it.

-Make sure that the device is up to date by checking on the site when it is still connected to the computer or in the notification centre of the device.

-When it gets updated then try to charge the device again and it should probably start  working fine now.

  1. Contact experts

-If none of the methods work then try to get in touch with the customer support on site or contact them directly as it could also be a case where the batteries got depleted and needs to be either changed or fixed. They should be able to help you out from their end or probably help you fix the device from your side.


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