Garmin GPS update failed [FIXED]

Garmin GPS Update Failed

Garmin GPS Update failed


The usage of GPS and navigation systems for almost anything to everything is required and needed these days. With so much already going on in the fast-paced modern world, to be able to remember ways, routes, highways, directions, short cuts and almost everything in symmetry is next to impossible. That is where GPS, Global positioning system comes in the picture. Many such companies and industries have been set up that in particular deal with this sector and have been manufacturing and working consistently hard to come up with new features and functioning to keep developing and planning around it to deliver the best services to the audience.

Garmin is a hardware and a software company that deal with technology sector specialising in travel, commuting, GPS, navigation, aviation, automotive and sports activities. Not just this but they also deal with tracking, recreational activities, etc.

Garmin Technology with its latest and recent products and devices has made travelling a smooth task without any recurring trouble or issues on the way. Garmin GPS and navigation system is being widely known and appreciated for making things smoother for its customers with the new revolutionary features that keeps getting updated to keep up with the new requirements asked for by the customers.

Any piece of technology needs to keep getting updated to keep up with its audience, competitors and to keep improving by the day.

However many complains and queries are being raised around the issue of “Garmin GPS Update failed” which can arise due to multiple errors.

Firstly let us see the usual way of updating the Garmin GPS-

-Connect the device to the computer through the USB cable then go ahead with logging in on the garmin express is installed in your computer, if not then installing it through the site and then logging in.

-Garmin express which is compatible with most of your devices should be connected to the device and then search for the device in your computer through the software and then connect it.

-The app on its own will search for the updates and offer you the list of the pending updates.

-The option to download and install the update will be highlighted, click on that option and the update will get initiated. Once it is done, click on eject to disconnect the device from your computer safely and then take out to the USB.

-When one opens the GPS device, the new install should be ready and available to use. One can also go through this process by logging into their account at the Garmin site.


However, what if the error pops up that says- Garmin GPS update failed, in that case go through the following steps to fix the issue of Garmin GPS update failed.


  1. Try logging in to your account of Garmin at their site and go the history to check about the update, if it does not appear then try re doing it from there.
  2. Check thoroughly for any faulty internet connection issue or the wireless network. If it is faltering in any case then setting it up again and installing the update again.
  3. Check for any anti-virus systems or firewall setting in the computer as sometimes they prevent activities in the computer. Disable them and carry on with the installation. Most probably it should work and if it does you know where the problem lies.
  4. Make sure that before updating any maps or in device updates, the software update is also entirely installed and up to date else it might interfere with the installation of map updates.
  5. One can contact customer care and get help from their end if none of the methods work by visiting their site.

The Garmin GPS update failed issue should now be resolved and running.




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