Most Common Garmin GPS problems.

Most Common Garmin GPS Problems

Garmin GPS Problems: Garmin is a very popular company in the market best known for manufacturing and producing devices like GPS UNIT also known as garminGPS.

If you’re traveling to any new place or country the government GPS device is going to help you out with the routes. Probably the best companion in your travel journey is Garmin GPS. but some common problems faced while using. The Most Common Garmin GPS problems lost satellite reception, problems in uploading and downloading, and failure of sound. Still while using Garmin device you can face various common problems.

So we are going to discuss about the common problems user faces while using the Garmin device and how to fix them.

Most common garmin GPS problems

  1. Signal Detection Failure
  2. Sudden Shutoff
  3. Unresponsive Touch screen
  4. GPS locking up
  5. No Sound Output
  6. Uploading and downloading problems
  7. No GPS satellite reception
  8. Faulty power button
  9. Depleted battery Issues
  10. Exhausted logic board
  11. Poor Display

How to fix the Garmin GPS common problems!

After identifying the problem hey now it’s time to resolve all of them. Don’t hesitate in reaching to us by calling us on our helpline numbers.

Below are the methods to overcome the problem:

GPS not starting: navigation fails to start

  • Turn on your key to ACC or ignition position.
  • Make sure the power cable is connected to the GPS navigation unit.
  • Check the fuse behind the navigation unit or in the radio system. Fix it with another fuse if it is already blown.
  • Check the device battery. Keep it fully charged.
  • If the battery is dead or older one, try to replace it with newer one.

Fixing sound input i.e no voice is coming

  • Check if the wires are connected to both the devices i.e speakers and the GPS device.
  • Unmute the GPS NAVIGATION unit if it is set to mute.
  • Make sure volume of the GPS device is not set low. Try raising it.
  • Select the OSD remote and try adjusting audio option.
Touch screen is not working:

Calibrate the device using following steps:

  • Go to the ‘Menu’
  • Select on ‘options’
  • Select ‘system’
  • Finally, choose ‘calibration’

Sometimes the screen takes a longer time to respond back. If the problem is still there, try connecting with us over our helpline number.

Pinpoint error: gps is not able to pinpoint the correct location
  • Regular GPS map update is necessary in order to eliminate this error. Some of the older versions do not have access of few remote locations.

No GPS reception: fixing GPS reception

  • Make sure the gps antenna is properly plugged in.
  • It could be possible that there is no availability of no gps reception in your current location.
Not able to find the location: GPS can not find the location you are looking for
  • Try to re-enter the location. Verify it and re-submit it. If still, it can not find the location, which means you are using an older version of the unit. You need to update your GPS device.

If you are looking for further assistance, Dial our toll-free number GPS contact support number to talk to our expert.

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Garmin GPS won’t Charge

Garmin GPS Update Failed


Battery must be charged, reset the antenna and try again.
You have to slide the power button to extreme left and hold it for some 10-15 seconds. This will reset the device.
This is due to weak signal and low battery. So plug the adapter and wait for the antenna to receive the signal
Update the device to latest software and adjust the antenna to receive the signal. But don’t be in a hurry and wait for sometime so that the signal becomes stable.
  • Settings- system- restore defaults.
  • Switch off the device and while holding the bottom right corner of the screen, press power button. A message will appear to erase all the data. Confirm it.
There are free updates available to you in the beginning when you purchase the device. You can download the garmin software, register the device and download the update.

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