[Solved ] Garmin Connect Sync Failed Error

Garmin Connect sync failed error

Garmin connect sync failed error: This issue is not because of one particular reason. The reasons vary in nature. Before proceeding to steps to resolve the issue, let’s take a tour of some pre-requisites that are needed to be checked. Only then we will perform further troubleshooting steps.

Garmin connect sync failed pre-requisites are:

a) The Garmin device should lie within the range of the Bluetooth of your smartphone device. It should fall under the given range so that you can connect it through Bluetooth.

b) It’s important to activate the Bluetooth on both the devices i.e on the smartphone and the GPS device. Make sure that that Bluetooth is turned on on both devices.

Steps to fix the Garmin connect sync failed Issue-

a) Restart your Bluetooth device. Turn it off on your smartphone and turn it on after 2 seconds.

b) Now close the Garmin connect app on your device and try to reconnect after 10-15 seconds. Make sure that the Garmin connect sync app is not running in the background and you have closed it from the backend too.

c) Restart both the devices i.e Garmin NUVI device and your smartphone.

d) Now try to add the Garmin NUVI device from the beginning after removing it from the app.
This process of resetting both the devices and reconnecting them with each other is going to fix the fault and allow your Garmin Nuvi device to connect with Garmin connect app.

Fix: “Paring Failed” Message while connecting Garmin Nuvi device with Garmin Connect App

Sometimes the user comes across a message on-screen ‘paring failed’. This means the user is facing a problem while connecting the Garmin Nuvi device with the Garmin Connect app. This issue is very similar to Garmin Nuvi Connect Bluetooth issue.

Follow the solutions mentioned below to solve Garmin connect sync failed error:

When you try to connect the Garmin Nuvi Device with your smartphone, then your smartphone asks for a pairing code that is needed for the pairing process.

In order to proceed further with the troubleshooting steps make sure that you have entered the correct code. Often the incorrect code is the reason for such errors.

Troubleshooting steps to eliminate this problem

Step one: Retry the process

Try to reconnect your Garmin Nuvi device with your smartphone one more time by pressing the retry button.

Step two: Soft reset

Press the power button and hold it till the device gets started. And once it’s turned on again, try to reconnect your device with the smartphone. These early steps may resolve your problem.

Step three: Reboot your phone

a) Switch off your smartphone.

b) Press and hold the volume up button and the power button altogether.

c) Or the home button and volume up button along with the power button.

d) Or volume down and power button together.

e) After this you will see the restart tab and now click on the recovery button and hold down the power button for some time.

f) Wipe out the data or click on Factory reset by pressing the volume down and power button together.

g) Now switch on your smartphone and try to connect with the Garmin Nuvi device. So basically ‘pairing failed’ issue is a hardware issue that can easily be resolved by resetting or rebooting the devices.

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  • You must keep the application running in the background and not close it to carry on the process.
  • Secondly make sure that device is charged fully so that battery lag is not an issue.
  • Reconnect the device with Bluetooth and pair it once again.
  • Switch off the device and restart it once again.
Bring the device and smartphone closer to each other and open the garmin connect application. Also keep refreshing again and again. Apart from that open the garmin connect app- menu- garmin devices. Select the device and click on sync.
Make sure that the latest updates are installed on the device. Reconnect the device with the garmin express software.
The device syncs with the garmin application each time you open the application. This is an automatic process.
There must be a problem with Bluetooth or the device itself. So reconnect the device with Bluetooth and if the problem does not solve then reboot the device.
This happens when Garmin connect application is not updated with latest software. So look for updates and if problem does not solve then restart the device. The main problem is software update.
Instead of Bluetooth the device must be paired with garmin connect application first. Make sure of it. Download the application- open it- phone. Now connect the device and follow the on-screen instructions.
The only problem is Bluetooth so if the connection is not happening then reconnect the device with the Bluetooth. You have to pair it once again.
Download the application and keep both the devices close to each other. Open the application and go to menu- settings- Bluetooth- enable. Now pair the device. If you want to add one more device then click on add device and follow the same process.
Try these 3 methods- pair the devices once again, restart the device and lastly update the device.

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