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TomTom is a Dutch company that gives route, mapping, and delivers traffic items. TomTom is one of the supreme route gadgets accessible in the market. Its proficiency and performance consistently demonstrate better among other route gadgets. TomTom has planned different items for mapping and route to direct the best possible way for the users.The gadgets of TomTom are versatile, sensible, easy to understand, and dependable. You can easily deal with the different gadgets from one spot, users need to make just make their account on TomTom gadget. This gadget is notable for giving the most recent and updated navigation services.

TomTom GPS Map Update

TThis is one of the dependable route gadgets and delivers all the product services. But some of the time minor issues happen. Now, the question arises on how to overcome those issues? To clear the TomTom errors and for the TomTom Map Update, the experts are always there to help you out.

It is the best gadget known for its best navigation quality. It is important to refresh TomTom to get mindful of the most recent courses. TomTom offers different data, including traffic information, voyaging, and considerably more.

When you’re using a TomTom service, sudden errors show up and will stop the working of the gadget. In this way, to keep device updates, the users are recommended to update TomTom GPS Devices when required. All capacities and the UI of TomTom GPS maps update are easy to understand and function.

Various Procedures for TomTom Free Map Update

Performing TomTom GPS update and guide updates are significant. It will allow you to go anyplace on the planet and you will never get lost the route. Here let us look at the methods for TomTom free map update and free gadget update.

Method 1: Update the TomTom Home Software

  • To keep up with the latest, you need to update your TomTom Home gadget. Check the below steps to update TomTom map:
  • First, you need to open the program of TomTom Home. If you’re a Windows client, you will find this in your “Start” menu. For a Mac client, you will find it in the “Applications” folder.
  • Then, you need to associate your TomTom gadget to your PC. The method for interfacing gadgets differs from gadgets. Regularly, you can use the information to link the interface to your mobile device with the PC.
  • Next, you need to go to the highest point of the TomTom Home programming windows and click on the gray symbol of “Update my gadget”. Presently, the software will check the online server of TomTom for all the updates available. If there are any updates accessible, at that point a list will show up containing all the names of the updates.
  • Presently, you need to tap on the “Update and Install” alternative. After this, the update will be downloaded on your TomTom gadget and the process will continue. Before using the gadget make sure, you must install it.
  • Finally, now detach your gadget from the PC. Now, go to your top of the screen of TomTom Home and click on the “Disconnect Device” button. Then, you can remove the association of the information link and keep using your gadget.
  • From this method, you have effectively performed the TomTom GPS update.

Method 2: MapShare for TomTom Free Map Update

  • It is the method to update with the sharing instrument of TomTom known as “MapShare”. MapShare contains all the client databases that are updated till present.. This is downloaded with TomTom Home free. New streets, change in single direction streets, new focal points, changes in street limitation, and significantly more are remembered in the database.
  • All expert and everyday drivers, who are gathered by TomTom, transfers the traffic-informations continuously. These are accessible for download in the “Available Updates”. From this, any older guide, which is being shared through MapShare will be beneficial for all the drivers.

Method 3: Open Street Maps for TomTom update free Map

By using the Open Street Maps of TomTom, numerous projects are attempting to give free maps to the clients. Being a free platform, the devotees in the network of Open Street Maps can transfer maps in the wake of altering. Any user can easily download the TomTom maps from all over the world.

Method 4: Latest Map Guarantee for “TomTom Update Free”

  • When you have purchased the most recent gadget by TomTom, you will be given a specific timeframe, inside which you can download the updates that have been issued after the assembling of your gadget. This method will promise you that you will get all the most recent updates.
  • Example –  If you have purchased a TomTom gadget of the GO arrangement, you will be offered 30 days to download all the updated data. Nonetheless, you have purchased a gadget from the PRO arrangement, at that point you will get 90 days to download the updated data.

Steps for updating Free TomTom Map on the Navigation devices

  • How you can update the navigation device? Below mention the steps to follow for updating the navigation device. You can use either ‘My Drive Connect’ or ‘TomTom HOME’, for this.
  • Firstly, you must use the most recent version of My Drive Connect, in the PC.
  • Now, connect the route gadget to the PC. Switch on your gadget.
  • Then, My Drive will automatically start searching for any more up to date updates for the navigation gadget. This will be offered through the Latest Map Guarantee.
  • From that point onward, click Continue and follow the given guidelines. It will download the new update on the gadget.
TomTom Map Update
  • When the installation is finished, the page will redirect you to the My Content page. You will see right now on My Drive Connect changes to connected. When you see the connection status and the message installation completed. Now, detach the route gadget from the PC.
  • Presently, the gadget can be utilized with the most recent maps. You can even have the feature of Map Share in the most recent gadgets which allows you to make changes on navigation in your guide.  You can also report the online guide changes and can even share the guide to the other person online.

Pros & Cons of updating TomTom Map

  • If you’re using TomTom maps, you don’t need to worry about the routes. You will find all the petrol stations easily on it. Below are the advantages of TomTom:
  • The most advantage of free TomTom map is its routes and Traffic Sensing. Whether it is a mall, a café, a carnival, anyplace and all over the place, the gadget safely guides you every route about everything.
  • It is a digital device that can demonstrate the ongoing changes in the course place because of development or street advancement. This is the most advantage needed and shows up the printed maps which were before using for significant at distances.
  • It can additionally demonstrate the traffic levels on the way and has an exceptional IQ detecting which can direct all the different ways for arriving at the final place.
  • The technology reveals to you the most limited way which can work right now, the way which can give you the least traffic with the number of different places of interest and will save most of your fuel.
  • You can easily overlook all routes easily. It provides a bigger screen when contrasted and the advanced mobile phones that accomplish a similar work yet has equivalently a little screen.

How to get free tomtom GPS map update for older devices

  • If you have an old TomTom GPS, at a specific time you should update its maps. Old maps have errors and may direct you the wrong direction. That could cost you more gas cash and lost time.
  • New TomTom route frameworks have a component called lifetime free map updates, you can easily connect it with your device through PC and star using TomTom’s own to move more up to date maps to your GPS. A TomTom guide with old maps gets pointless and may have a lot of errors.
  • If you’re a client of the old Tomtom gadget, download and introduce the TomTom home programming in your PC.
  • Now, associate the GPS gadget with your PC with the USB rope which came at the hour of gadget buy.
  • Next, Sign in with your TomTom account that you’ve one or make one that you don’t have a record.
  • Click on the “Tools” fasten and go to the “Using the Latest guide ensure”.
  • The another guide is accessible and you’re inside the assurance time duration, you’ll see map update. Click on the “Proceed” option and begin downloading the new map.
  • Now, click on the “Done” button after the procedure is done.
  • Finally, click “disconnect” button before removing the gadget interconnection.

Paid method to update tomtom maps:

  • You can update the maps by getting to the main TomTom site, and afterward, download the TomTom Home application on your PC or PC.
  • When you associate TomTom to the PC, it will check for the maps on your guide and will offer you the most recent updates accessible.
  • These maps are not free yet worth the cash, as they have the most recent information for the best route places.
  • Some of the time you can get a decent discount on the cost however you should remain nearby on TomTom Maps advertisements.
TomTom Map Update

Tomtom Paid Maps Update

  • The primary method to get paid updates for the TomTom maps is by using the TomTom’s sharing MapShare.
  • MapShare contains a modern client database and can be downloaded with TomTom Home for nothing.
  • The database contains changes to street limitations, new focal points, changes in single direction streets, new roads, and considerably more.
  • Many expert drivers load continuous traffic data and afterward, they are gathered by TomTom in accessible updates for download.
  • In this way, a more established guide utilized with Map share will be very helpful and down to earth for any driver.
  • One extraordinary bit of leeway of Map share over the paid maps, that they are updated month to month or even every day.
  • Considering that TomTom has an immense client database then the alterations brought by MapShare will probably cover most areas of the world.

Know how it will work:

Editing map – just select the “Guide Corrections” alternative on the menu, and afterward select “Right a Map Error.” From there, you can distinguish the kind of rectification. Now, search for the road being referred to using the inner street database, you can enter your revisions, and then your TomTom will think about that change when arranging courses.

Sharing – TomTom lets you transfer your revisions to their focal servers each time you sync your GPS, to impart them to different clients.

Use free updates – Sync your TomTom with the TomTom Home programming utilizing a PC. Whenever empowered, you will consequently download Map Share free updates. You can set your inclinations to incorporate changes confirmed by TomTom.

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Frequently Asked Questions about
TomTom Map Update

To update tomtom map for free, follow below mention steps.

  1. Download & install TomTom Home or MyDrive in your system (Windows & MAC).
  2. After installation, connect your TomTom device with your computer via USB cable.
  3. Launch your installed software (TomTom Home or MyDrive).
  4. Tap on “Add a device”. Your device will automatically recognize your attached GPS device with your computer.
  5. Now, tap on check for updates. If any update is present, then it will automatically begin updating.
  6. It may take some time to get installed latest TomTom GPS map updates in your device.
  7. After the complete installation process, tap on “Done”.
  8. Finally, your device is ready to use with the updated map. Please remove it from USB and begin using.

 TomTom map updates can be done one time season or four times per year.

Latest version of TomTom map is 1045.

Yes, we can update all old map, it doesn’t matter how old or new it is.

Follow below steps to update tomtom device easily.

  1. Initially connect your TomTom to your computer, then power on the navigation device. If the MyDrive Connect app doesn’t automatically open, manually launch the application.
  2. Sign into the system using your email address (if you’re not previously signed in). You can choose “Remember my email address” if you don’t want to be prompted to enter it again the next time you try to update your device.
  3. Tap “Update selected,” then accept the pending data update by clicking “Accept and Install” when prompted. Now allow the software to download and install the fresh update to your device. Progress will be shown as it processes.
  4. When the update is finish, a confirmation message appears, alerting you that it is safe to disconnect your device.

It may be due to malfunction in the devise. For suitable navigation, TomTom map update is must. Contact GPS experts at +1(855) 386-1126 for instant assistance.

With the passing time new roads & buildings are constructing rapidly. Thus to don’t get confuse and to get better accuracy of road,  tomtom map update getting trending nowadays.

According to me TomTom is better than Google maps because interface is lot better  & you can store more offline maps in it.

All of these are popular Navigation system. They all have different features which makes them best. But if you would ask my opinion, I would definitelly choose TomTom because it also provides updates if require.

The TomTom XL 250 is one of best device which has 4.3-inch display. It instantly determines your coordinates and guarantees a correct destination while  travelling.

To date TomTom live traffic is the best traffic measurement tool. It updates every two minutes, also works inside cities and has the most correct information.

1)  Initially, enter to download the installer.

2) After downloading, run the file and follow the commands in the installer.

3) Verify the installation with your administrator credentials to continue.

4) Accept the user end lisence end aggrement to install TomTom Home.

5) To read the agreement hit link in the installer.

6) Tap next to install to default folder.

7)Finally installation is completed and you can choose if you wish to begin the program immediatelly.

Follow below steps tro install TomTom map on SD card:

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Now, insert the SD card in the computer.
  3. Signin to your official account.
  4. Examine, which updates are available for your device.
  5. Now, download the updates on to your computer.
  6. ThenTransfer the files to the device/SD card.
  7. Finally, Insert the SD card in the device.

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