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Free Garmin Map Update Support

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+1(855) 386-1126

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Free Garmin Map Update


At Mygeolocate we  provide Free Garmin map update support. Global positioning system units – for example the Garmin unit you keep in your car – can make driving to unknown locations as easy as cruising your own neighborhood. The unit measures your exact position using GPS satellites and compares your location to its stored maps to decide points of interests around you – whether roads, restaurants or rivers. With accurate maps, the unit will offer exact instructions to reach your destination, but if its maps are out of date, it could send you the wrong way down a one-way street, use faulty routes or call for a turn where none exists. Garmin provides you the chance to download a free map update with the purchase of a new unit to guarantee correct instructions and suitable performance of your new device. For all Garmin Map users, it is vital to keep the Garmin map updates to enjoy the latest and new territory.

Because of some issues, it happens that the users fail to avail of the advantages of the Garmin Map. After every Garmin gps update  new features get added. Thus, if you are unable to take benefit of the distinct features of the Gamin Map because of the older Garmin GPS device, then get the map update with the help of the instructions mentioned here in this post below. Through the Garmin update software, the users can update their device easily. Thus, if there is any free Garmin map Update available, then quickly download the Garmin express application and get the map updated. Thus, in this article we have illustrated the way to update Garmin Map.

Process of Free Garmin Map Update

  • Use the Garmin Express application, to update the Garmin map updates. Through the Garmin express, one can easily download the software:
  • To start the process, attach your Garmin device with your system with the help of USB cable.
  • Subsequently, the Garmin device will show the Garmin logo and indicates that the connection has got established effectively.
  • Occasionally, the system needs rebooting before installing the new Garmin Map Updates.
  • After the rebooting gets finished, then double hit on the Garmin Agent icon in the computer system.
  • Now the available Garmin Map Updates will emerge on the screen.
  • The users can also view the firmware Garmin GPS update.
  • According to the necessity, choose the Garmin Map update package.
  • Once after selecting the map, the user will be redirected to the Garmin Map download page showing the product key for the Garmin GPS update.
  • Now tap on the download button and download the current available Garmin software update for the device.
  • Subsequently, install the newest Garmin update available for the device.
  • Finally, unplug the cable and disconnect the device from the system.

We wish that after following the above mentioned steps you would have done free Garmin map updates. If you come across any issue while free Garmin Nuvi map update; then not to worry at all. Get in touch with experts at MyGeoLocate  who will assist you with the most suitable solutions so that you can update it of your own without any difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions about Garmin map update

You can just update your Garmin maps for free by following simple instructions. So just read it out.


Just connect your Garmin GPS with the computer using the USB cable given by device. And after that go to


Click on Update my Garmin maps for free. And save the file to your desktop, if it is not downloading it means your device is not eligible for free updates.


After Garmin maps get downloaded, you may need to update your Microsoft. Before you continue, application provides some necessary information that is required.


Tap on “Search for device” after application gets installed. And when device gets recognized, read the disclaimer and click “Continue”.


Tap “Continue”, when it displays “A free map update is available!” If you see your map is up to date then no update is required. And if you see “A map update is available for purchase,” then your device is not eligible for a free update.


Tap “Continue, when it displays “Ready to update your Maps”.

Wait for some time till the update downloads and get installed. It can take few hours so wait for a while.

If “Free Update Available” appears next to device, then it means that device is eligible for a free map update else, there is a fee for the map updates, that may be several hundred dollars. 

Some of the older nuvi models have been discontinued, though many of them are still available online and are full to supported by Garmin.

Latest version of Garmin Maps is Garmin City Navigator South Asia NT 2019.40

This map is available to India localized novi 55LM, 65LM, 2567LM, 2568LM that were purchased from authorized dealers in India.

If “Free Update Available” is appearing next to your device, it means that your device is eligible for a Free map update. You can download the free update from my Garmin.

Yes, you need to renew your subscription after 1 year. Maps that are downloaded to your device during 1 year subscription do not expire.

GPS devices like Garmin and TomTom and Magellan that store map inside it and then reference it using the GPS satellites are not going to be obsolete totally.

Yes, the devices that are preloaded with Lifetime Maps they need not to be activated.

Yes, newer models such as the DriveSmart 51, and many of Garmin sports-oriented devices for non-driving use, offers Wi-Fi connectivity. But for other versions you need computer to update.

Factors affecting wrong location are as follows.

  •  The Quality of the GPS antenna in your smartphone.
  • .The number of GPS satellites at the current location.

If you have an older device in which myGarmin profile already exists, but don’t have Express on your computer then you can do it manually. As it gets installed, it will also update the GPS software on your Garmin to the new version.

Garmin GPS are updated about every 2 to 3 months. The software on phone is automatically updated whenever Google issues an update to it.

Garmin LMT stands for lifetime maps + traffic. It offers plenty of features that might make you think twice about using only your phone for navigation.

It all depends on which make and model of car, of course. Some older cars use CD or DVD or SD cards to store map data and other cars have the maps built into their unit and those can be a pig to update.

Garmin express is not working because of poor communication with the connected device or out-of-date software. So, just restart the computer and try again.

It depends on the internet connection speed. At least it takes 3hours to be updated.

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  1. I found your blog relate to free Garmin map update very informative but one thing that I want to know as a user of Garmin map is how often should Garmin map be updated?

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